ringlat (ringlat) wrote in cyborg009,

vs Devilman Translation

Hi guys, if anyone's still alive!

I've started on translating the 3 Cyborg 009 vs Devilman OVAs, the first one is around 70% complete right now. It's mostly me doing all the work, I'm not fluent in Japanese and I don't work every day so it doesn't go super fast. That means, if anyone wants to help out in any way it's all good! The possible jobs are:

1. Timer (take the video file, create empty lines the spans of sentences)
2. Transcriber (write down the Japanese sounds you hear)
3. Translator
4. Proof-reader (watches it all at the very end and sees if the English is really messed up and confusing)

Otherwise I'll just keep plugging along (mostly) by myself. We can also chat over at go_nagai if you want! The subs will be released in English, hiragana and Esperanto.

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