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Margherita Tramontano
Margherita Tramontano

"Moses in the Desert" preview

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Unfortunately it looks like the link doesn't work, not on my pc. :(
That's why the site is temporarily unavailable :(

Try this:
Thanks, this one works indeed! :D I can't wait!!!
*going all spastic*
I want to see the whole feature now XD
Loved the preview, definitely looks like it's going to be epic. I'd want to be licensed and dubbed T_T but who knows if that'll happen.
OMG..... *__*
So hyped up for this!!!! Does it mention a date somewhere?
Nope (at least I didn't find any...)
Well, at least it says "coming soon"... though I think this is even more torture! DX
Ohhhh, thanks for sharing **
Ok, it WAS a new pachinko game after all.
Here's the official site:

So we'll have to wait for the film next year^^
Awwwww, I am disappoint >.>

Though I really like Jet's design in these games XD

Now we wait for the movie!