Arktos (authoressarktos) wrote in cyborg009,

Newbie post!

Uh, hi! I'm Arktos, and I come bearing gifts, but that's not the main point of this post. I just joined recently...and I have a question.

Does anyone know where I can find some good Cyborg 009 icons? I've looked everywhere, but I've found such a small amount to choose from it makes me feel sad. If I were any good with icons, I'd offer to make some myself, but since I'm not...links would be VERY appreciated. As in, feel free to cash in on a favor by asking me writing a gen prompt or fanart of their choosing for whoever does so. Because although I may not be the best writer, I'm running out of eternal souls and firstborn children to promise. Or a shameless but creative dare, I'm not picky. I was wondering if I could encourage anyone actually good at writing to help me out here so we can get a trade thing going on here, if that's okay? :D
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