a song to David (carrythelight) wrote in cyborg009,
a song to David

In Which Heinrich Is A Hurt Girlfriend (And Also Kind of An Asshole)

'SUP CYBORG TEAM. Because I am super kind and generous, I have a gift for you. A super special kind of terrible translation!

New Year's Special Chapter:
Cyborg Soldiers, For Whom Do You Fight?

Hopefully the text is readable, since I actually got the raws from the flash site (... magical screencapping powers) before the raws were uploaded. Working at a low resolution is a bad idea, folks! I also have no idea why the text morphs randomly into something that looks different on some pages. It might have to do with the fact that I edited some in one program and some in another, like a winner. :'D

This took me way, way, too freakin' long, but I think it was worth it. Let me know what you guys think! ... (Will I be translating any more of the chapters? I probably wouldn't bet my life on it, but we'll see!)

EDIT: ... and by "gochisosama" I actually mean "gokurosama," like the amazing winner that I am. I AM GOOD AT TYPING. These are things I am qualified to do.
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