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a song to David

HELLO CYBORG TEAM. You don't know who I am, but that's okay. I promise you I probably won't knock you out and steal both your kidneys before getting you know you. I'll at least offer you dinner and a drink first. I know class, geez.

I come in peace, bearing fanart gifts, etc. etc. SFW except for the last one, which, has, uh. Jet being Jet in it. That's kind of its own warning.

Drawn for a friend who happens to be my amazing Heinrich RPer. Whoa, Jet, you... wanna tone down the straightness there? Yes... that's... exactly what I meant to say. Another friend of mine took one look at this and asked, "... is Jet hovering an inch above the ground for no reason?"

(Yes. Yes he is. He has a complex, okay? Be nice.)

It's Jet! As a tiny eagle chick! And Francoise! Who is possibly the prettiest French lady I know! At some point while I was working on this she looked like she was going to devour Jet whole. ("I'll get you, my pretty, and your little German too...")

This made better sense to me when I was passed out over the tablet at 4AM. I think it was because Jet's hair is clearly composed of birds, and I couldn't think of a stupider looking baby bird than an eagle.

WIP pending to be finished if I can be assed. I am going to include the original sketch because you all needed to know my thought process when drawing this. (Warning for copious amounts of cursing and really bad racial stereotype insults. Thanks, Jet.) If anyone was going to ask, this is my series OTP. Tru fax.

... If you're into that kind of thing, hopefully you have someone in your life less of an asshole than either of these two to spend your ~special commercial holiday~ with.

--And Albert, I have the number of a good divorce lawyer. Let me know.
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