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Mini-movies by Kamiyama with 003 [10 Jan 2012|02:48pm]


What bank wouldn't assume her?^^
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"Moses in the Desert" preview [22 Nov 2011|04:00pm]

Before it was avaiable only to the Japanese fan club members.^^
But now...

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New Movie: "Re: Cyborg" in Fall 2012 [04 Oct 2011|10:16pm]

Trailer very similar to the 3D short movie by Oshii, but also different...
Plus: I heard voices about an OAV titled "Moses in the Desert"!
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Hello, I come bearing 004 angst :P [11 Sep 2011|04:26pm]

Hi there :) I'm a relatively new Cyborg 009 fan. I've been eyeing this community for some time now, but didn't feel like I had anything in particular to contribute.

Well, I enjoy editing music videos, and I've recently completed my first Cyborg 009 (more like 004!) project.

Here is the link, but beware! It is very broody in nature!

I've made a colored version of this which can be found here

...and a comparison one, to compare to the original opening, here:

I like doing parodies of other shows, so if anyone happens to know of any particular openings/endings that can make for some nice Cyborg 009 adaptations, please share!
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[04 Jul 2011|09:57pm]


I have to admit, I've been keeping with with this community before I ever authentically joined :) Now look! I'm a member now.
By the way, I recently wrote a quick essay (or rant, which ever you prefer) on "The Life of a Cyborg 009 Fan". I think all of us will appreciate this.

Hope you enjoy it, if anyone cares to read it. Keep up the great work guys!

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Cyborg 009: The Reopening [29 Jun 2011|06:06pm]

And here it is!!!
Parallel world? Or what?!^^

Anyone understood what did 003 say (in French)?
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Cyborg 009 Episode 48 English DUB :D [22 Jun 2011|03:56pm]

cyborg009fan1 posted the English dub of episode 48 of Cyborg 009, many will remember how Cartoon Network ended at episode 47 without ever showing the rest. Thank cyborg009fan1's friend from Australia who provided a copy of episode 48 :)
Now Enjoy! (hopes to see english dub of OVA someday)
Episode 48: (Part 1) (Part 2)

Episode links:
Ep.44: (download link)

Episodes 36, 40, 41, and 43 (special thanks to Jackalopejess)
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Kenji Kamiyama Makes Cyborg 009/Pepsi Nex 3D Ad [19 May 2011|08:57am]

Found this article on Anime News Network this morning:

Director Kenji Kamiyama produced a Pepsi Nex drink ad based on Cyborg 009, and the ad will begin playing in 41 stereoscopic 3D theaters in Japan on Friday. The ad will play before screenings of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides in theaters of the Warner Mycal Cinemas chain.

I wish I could go and see this ad T_T
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Newbie post! [12 May 2011|07:11pm]

Uh, hi! I'm Arktos, and I come bearing gifts, but that's not the main point of this post. I just joined recently...and I have a question.

Does anyone know where I can find some good Cyborg 009 icons? I've looked everywhere, but I've found such a small amount to choose from it makes me feel sad. If I were any good with icons, I'd offer to make some myself, but since I'm not...links would be VERY appreciated. As in, feel free to cash in on a favor by asking me writing a gen prompt or fanart of their choosing for whoever does so. Because although I may not be the best writer, I'm running out of eternal souls and firstborn children to promise. Or a shameless but creative dare, I'm not picky. I was wondering if I could encourage anyone actually good at writing to help me out here so we can get a trade thing going on here, if that's okay? :D
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Sales Post [17 Apr 2011|10:12pm]


I hope it's okay to post this. I'm selling a Cyborg 009 doujinshi I have over here along with various other items (doujinshi, dvds, ect). This is a general doujinshi with all characters. Thank you for taking the time to look!
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Japanese doujinshi from the C009 fans to the tsunami-hitten areas [20 Mar 2011|11:34am]

One of the most heavily hitten areas is Miyagi- where is Ishinomaki, hometown of Ishinomori Sensei.
Would you like, as fans, to participate to this project? I most definitely will.
This is the link:
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In Which Heinrich Is A Hurt Girlfriend (And Also Kind of An Asshole) [04 Mar 2011|08:36pm]

'SUP CYBORG TEAM. Because I am super kind and generous, I have a gift for you. A super special kind of terrible translation!

New Year's Special Chapter:
Cyborg Soldiers, For Whom Do You Fight?

Hopefully the text is readable, since I actually got the raws from the flash site (... magical screencapping powers) before the raws were uploaded. Working at a low resolution is a bad idea, folks! I also have no idea why the text morphs randomly into something that looks different on some pages. It might have to do with the fact that I edited some in one program and some in another, like a winner. :'D

This took me way, way, too freakin' long, but I think it was worth it. Let me know what you guys think! ... (Will I be translating any more of the chapters? I probably wouldn't bet my life on it, but we'll see!)

EDIT: ... and by "gochisosama" I actually mean "gokurosama," like the amazing winner that I am. I AM GOOD AT TYPING. These are things I am qualified to do.
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[23 Feb 2011|01:35pm]

Hi, hope this is OK to post! If not, please feel free to delete. ^^

I have a number of Cyborg 009 Vignette Figurines for sale in my LJ, and thought the members of this community might be interested in them too! I'm a long time internet seller (you can see some of my feedback here), and I accept payment via Paypal ( Shipping anywhere in America is completely free! I'm also willing to ship overseas (please inquire as to the rates).

Please see under the cut for more info!Collapse )

Feel free to ask for more pics/info. Thank you! :)

x-posted to cyborg_fiction
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[12 Feb 2011|05:49pm]

HELLO CYBORG TEAM. You don't know who I am, but that's okay. I promise you I probably won't knock you out and steal both your kidneys before getting you know you. I'll at least offer you dinner and a drink first. I know class, geez.

I come in peace, bearing fanart gifts, etc. etc. SFW except for the last one, which, has, uh. Jet being Jet in it. That's kind of its own warning.

here be bromanceCollapse )

cheep cheepCollapse )

'Happy f**kin' Valentine's Day.'Collapse )
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Cyborg 009 Manga Project [02 Mar 2011|11:16pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Cyborg 009 Manga Project has decided to collaborate with Hokuto no Gun
in order to bring the entire Cyborg 009 series translated! The goal is to provide high quality scans with high quality translations which will be done by Hokuto no Gun. The project will be done in order, but by request of HnG, I must take down the raws to the main series and what was translated since everything will have to be re-translated.
I apologize to all the fans for the huge inconvenience this will cause, but I assure you that those missing raws will appear translated. Good things come to those who wait.

Support classic anime at AnimeSols

Comixology Licenses Shotaro Ishinomori's Entire Manga Catalog

Volumes 1-10 of Cyborg 009 are up

Archaia Announces "Cyborg 009" Manga Re-Imagination

Cyborg 009: Chapter 000
Cyborg 009 #1
Cyborg 009 #2
Cyborg 009 #3
Cyborg 009 # 4

Cyborg 009 Hardcover copy up now on sale on

New!! YASUSHI HOSHINO's Cyborg 009 Tribute (WEEKLY SHOUNEN MAGAZINE #24, 2008) (Thanks to farmerinthesky for raws)
New!! (translated by Anon)

Cyborg 009 Heroes Come Back Special Edition (Kazuhiko Shimamoto) (Thanks to theshugotv for the raws)
(Translation thanks to Happy Scans!)

009 Re: Cyborg being made into manga

"Pen" magazine: Cyborg 009 Special Edition

Cyborg 009 Journey ~Setting Off~ (one shot manga included with 009 Re Cyborg boxset)
4 page preview (manga is 56 pages)
You can download Japanese preview at the official website: (translated by Sohma Riku) (raws provided by JPDDL)

009 Re: Cyborg (Special thanks to /a/non scanlations,JPDDL, ShareRaws, morena684 & MangaZone for the raws)
Can also view chapters on official website
009 Re: Cyborg part 1 (translated by Revereche)
009 Re: Cyborg part 2 (translated by Revereche)
009 Re: Cyborg part 3 (translated by Revereche)
009 Re: Cyborg part 4 (translated by Revereche) (new scenes from tankoubon edition)
009 Re: Cyborg part 5 (translated by Revereche)
009 Re: Cyborg part 6 (translated by Revereche)
009 Re: Cyborg part 7 (new scenes from tankoubon edition) (translated by Revereche)
009 Re: Cyborg part 8 (translated by Aarowaim)
009 Re: Cyborg part 9 (translated by Anon & Ustune, Aarowaim)
009 Re: Cyborg part 10 (translated by Anon)
009 Re: Cyborg part 11 (translated by Anon)
009 Re: Cyborg part 12 (translated by Anon & Rirakuma)
009 Re: Cyborg Part 13 (translated by Anon, Aarowaim)
009 Re: Cyborg Part 14 (translated by Anon)
009 Re: Cyborg Part 15 (translated by Anon)
009 Re: Cyborg Part 16 (translated by Anon)
009 Re: Cyborg Part 17 (translated by Anon)
009 Re: Cyborg Part 18
009 Re: Cyborg Part 19
009 Re: Cyborg Part 20
009 Re: Cyborg Part 21
009 Re: Cyborg Part 22
009 Re: Cyborg Part 23

Cyborg 009 Conclusion God's War:
You can view the manga here:
Prologue Cyborg 001: The Fluttering of Angels
Cyborg 002: Bottom of the Skyscraper Part 1
Cyborg 002: Bottom of the Skyscraper Part 2
Cyborg 003: Impossible Choice Part 1
Cyborg 003: Impossible Choice Part 2
Cyborg 004: Highway Fairy Part 1
Cyborg 004: Highway Fairy Part 2
Cyborg 005: City of Gaia Part 1
Cyborg 005: City of Gaia Part 2
Cyborg 006: Food in the Sky Part 1
Cyborg 006: Food in the Sky Part 2
Cyborg 007: Theater Ghost Part 1
Cyborg 007: Theater Ghost Part 2
Cyborg 008: Deep Sea Pyramid Part 1
Cyborg 008: Deep Sea Pyramid Part 2
Cyborg 009: Conspiracy of a Goddess Part 1
Cyborg 009: Conspiracy of a Goddess Part 2
Cyborg 009: Conspiracy of a Goddess Part 3
Convocation of the Warriors
The Supermassive Tokyo Disaster
The Evil Demons of the Sky and Sea
Defeat of the Cyborg Soldiers'
Shinjuku Stronghold
The Stronghold's Destruction
God's Trap
Mills of Gods'
Gathering of the Gods
The God of Gods
The Two Universes
[This is the final chapter of God's War]
(Translations of God's War can be found here)

Light (translated by Darklove scans)
Bonds (translated by Darklove scans)

Inertbiscuit's scans:
Monster Island (translation pending)
Middle East (translation pending)
Immigration (translation pending)
Song of Lorelei (translation pending)
Bottom of the Sea (translation pending)
Green Hole (translation pending)
Ghost Island (translation pending)
Mutant Planet (translation pending)

Legend of the Super Galaxy

Black Compilation:
Ishtar's Dragon (translation pending)
Aztec (translation pending)
Pharaoh Virus (translation pending)
Farewell Nessie (translation pending)
Father and Child (translation pending)
The Dolphin and The Boy (translation pending)
At The Zoo (translation pending)
Child of Seven (translation pending)
Baby Poppins (translation pending)
Strange Star Flower (translation pending)
Kidnapping (translation pending)
Glacier of Love (translation pending)
Vision of a Butterfly (translation pending)

Undersea Pyramid (longest of the arcs it will be 13 chapters)
Chapter 1: Pandora Pyramid (translation pending)
Chapter 2: Sugar Pyramid (translation pending)
Chapter 3: Bermuda Pyramid (translation pending)
Chapter 4: Green Hell Pyramid (translation pending)
Chapter 5: Moon Pyramid (translation pending)
Chapter 6: Black Pyramid (translation pending)
Chapter 7: Submarine Pyramid Section-1 (translation pending)
Chapter 8: Submarine Pyramid Section-2 (translation pending)
Chapter 9: Submarine Pyramid Section-3 (translation pending)
Chapter 10: Submarine Pyramid Section-4 (translation pending)
Chapter 11: Submarine Pyramid Section-5 (translation pending)
Chapter 12: Submarine Pyramid Section-6 (translation pending)
Chapter 13: Count of Saint Germain (translation pending)

Red Compilation:
Conan the Giant of the North (translation pending)
Arctic Ghost (translation pending)
Golden Triangle (translation pending)
Aphrodite (translation pending)
Metamorphosis (translation pending)
Water Spirit (translation pending)
Frozen Time (translation pending)
Rainy Day Sketches Yamano Te (translation pending)
Go For It! Big Brother (translation pending)
Invisible Strings (translation pending)
Cyborg Soldier, For Whom to Fight! (translation pending)

Blue Compilation:
Computopia (translation pending)
Cosmo Child (translation pending)
Sargasso Sea (translation pending)
Deep Space (translation pending)
Blood Spirit (translation pending)
Autumn of Ice (translation pending)
Tension at the Restaurant (translation pending)

White Compilation:
Edda (Norse Mythology) (translation pending)
Snow Carnival (translation pending)
Legend of the Star Mermaid (translation pending)
Night of the Star Festival (translation pending)
City of Wind (translation pending)
Passing Shot (translation pending)
The Red Shoes (translation pending)
The Modern Narcissus (translation pending)
Eyes and Ears (translation pending)
The Bizarre Machine (translation pending)
Hepatica Symphony (translation pending)
Heart of the Machine (translation pending)

Gold Compilation:
Angel (translation pending)
Battle with the Gods (translation pending)
Cyborg 009 and the 300 Million Yen Criminal (translation pending)
FunKinder TV: Cyborg 009 (translation pending)
Deinonychus (translation pending)
Barefoot Zanzibar (translation pending)
People Drifting Between Space-Time (translation pending)
Urgent Simulation 1992 (translation pending)

Special Chapters:
Trump Tower

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Cyborg 009 Original Chapter [22 Dec 2010|08:01pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

This is interesting, it seems there was a contest to draw an original Cyborg 009 chapter or something and they posted the winners. The 1st prize winning chapter from what I could understand Cyborg 005 ends up in ancient Japan during the reign of Nobunaga. Perhaps somebody who understand Japanese better than me will be able to give a more accurate summary. It's a fun read, the artist did a good job on Cyborg 005.
Enjoy the Christmas present! :)
*anybody who knows Japanese, don't hesitate to translate for us :)


Seems there's also a new one shot Cyborg 009 manga called Cyborg 009: Trump Tower

Enjoy :)

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Sony is Releasing Full Anime Series on Crackle [19 Oct 2010|04:32pm]


Could this possibly lead to finally seeing all of Cyborg 009?
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Screenshots from Cyborg 009: The Reopening [07 Oct 2010|08:29pm]

inertbiscuit visitied the tradeshow showing the new Cyborg 009 animation mentioned in this article. They could only take still photos, as video was banned. From the stills, it appears that Panasonic is using it to help promotion some new 3D television sets. We still get more glimpses into the content of the work. Check it out here!

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HD CG 009 Short. [02 Oct 2010|08:38pm]

Nope I didn't forget about this community!
The 009 world has been quiet until now friends!

Blogs are raging about this!
Sounds legitimate too,
and it's going to be shown at the Japan Trade show for Panasonic!

Only 4 minutes of footage but it's directed by Oshii. He's known for Ghost in the Shell.
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Mamoru Oshii, Production I.G Make 3D Cyborg 009 Anime [01 Oct 2010|09:00pm]

Just in case other cyborg fans haven't seen this through other channels. Next week, on October 5th, Panasonic will present at a tradeshow a 4 minute 45 second animation re-imagining of Cyborg 009. Here's hopin there will be a webcast of this animation!

Read more details over at AnimeNewsNetwork
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